Participation in Brest 2016

The Grand Largue will participate in Brest 2016, to be held from 13 to 19 July 2016. Her will represent both the EESAB, European School of Arts of Britain, which will report its artistic activities on board the ship, and Avel Vor technology for the innovative aspects of the Grand Largue.

This is the 7th edition of its celebrations that will be visited by hundreds of thousands of people.

Agreement with EESAB

EESAB, European School of Arts in Britain, includes the four schools of Fine-Arts in Rennes, Brest, Quimper and Lorient. Under the leadership of three of its teachers, Nicolas Floc’h, Erwan Mevel and Jocelyn Cottencin, EESAB wanted to establish an artistic research vessel.

AVT and EESAB therefore signed an agreement under which AVT graciously puts the Grand Largue available to EESAB, who made arrangements for security and accommodation on board.

Record of EESAB activities on Grand Largue September to December, 2015.

Design and validation of a wing sail

The sails in the shape of an aircraft wing or wing-sails provideg better performance than conventional sails, with more lift and less drag. They have proven their superiority in the America’s Cup. The goal is to apply to workind ships, which imposes additional constraints.
AVT has decided to build an automated wing-sail and to validate it on the Grand Largue, replacing middle jib.
A Youkou Lili served as a prototype for the feasibility study.

Work for the Greenheart project

Greenheart is a growing social enterprise with big ideas about small shipping. Our collaborative initiative is currently developing new types of simple, sustainable, low-cost, zero-emissions, sail/solar-powered ships.
A new design of the boat was made by Floriane Emery, during her engineer stagefor INSA of Rennes.

S@IL project

S@IL (Sustainable Approaches and Innovative Liaisons) is a European INTERREG project, which ended in June 2015 and whose aim was to promote hybrid shipping in the North Sea. This region is one of the most active in the fishing and maritime transport. It is also largely affected by pollution of the exhaust gases of ships.

AVT has worked to improve the environmental performance of existing vessels, particularly in the second generation and soft wingsails.

VoilesEnPeche project

The VoilesEnPeche project involves equipping a trawler of Saint Malo (35) of an anti-roll sail on a bipod mast, to make her more secure and comfortable.

This project is mainly financed by France Filière Pêche.