Avel Vor Technology

le grand largue arrièreAvel Vor Technologie ( AVT ) is an engineering consulting company created in 2007 and working mostly on the energy savings in the maritim domain, essentially fishing and inshore navigation. AVT is specialized in R&D and one of its goal is to validate innovations in its laboratory boat, the Grand Largue.

The firm has received a label by the « Pôle Mer Bretagne » for the design of an auxiliary and automated sail system on a fishing boat, the Grand Largue project. AVT has also been involved in different projects : studies about controllable pitch propellers, Ecomer project, the energy audit of the Reunion’s long liner fleet, VoilesEnPêche project ( ongoing )…

The Company has participated in S@IL, a European project ended in June 2015, and studied in this framework different applications such as electrical assistance to a diesel engine, automated wing-sails and Flettner rotors. In these projects, AVT builds partnerships, some of which are repeated from a project to another, covering different fields of shipbuilding. These partnerships help offset the  size of AVT in gathering all the necessary skills.