Greenheart project

The Greenheart project aims to achieve a new type of small cargo, low cost and using wind and solar energy. Avel Vor Technology participated in this project and designed a rig for this boat, as a proposal. As part of a commitment to sustainable development and equity, the impact of this boat on the environment should be minimal and the ship must be achievable from few resources.

The rigging of the boat has two masts bipods. These poles, besides their role sails support, are able to load and unload the ship over the bow, stern and sides, bowing over the edges. High 20m, masts can be lowered to allow the boat to pass under bridges and increase the vessel’s stability during rough seas. Mounted on rails, the position of the poles along the boat can be adapted depending on their use, following if they wear the veil if they load or unload the boat, or if they are lowered completely to be placed on the deck.

This work was conducted by Floriane Emery, INSA Engineer, during her stage at AVT.


Different configurations of the masts for the Greenheart project